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What’s the best insulation for a hot tub?

In your journey of finding the perfect hot tub at the perfect price, you may have come across a simple question: what is the best type of insulation for a hot tub? Some hot tubs, like inflatable hot tubs, don’t have any insulation at all, but the insulation is a very important part in the longevity and operation of the spa. 

The insulation of the spa must help in keeping the temperature of a hot tub, well, hot. Good insulation will help retain heat so you can save energy by limiting the time that your heater will have to run. With poor insulation, you’ll end up paying more out of pocket to run your spa. The insulation also helps with regulating the noise produced while the hot tub is running. The type of insulation used will also determine the serviceability of the tub. For example a blanket insulation allows the technician to easily pull away the material to access the parts within the spa.

A popular insulation used is foam insulation, it can be found in the form of partial foam insulation, where the foam is sprayed only on the inside of the cabinet, or full foam insulation, where the foam fills the entirety of the cabinet. Partial foam insulation is not the best for heat retention and is primarily purchased when the consumer is most concerned about the overall cost of the hot tub itself. Though they are cheaper at initial purchase, the lack of energy efficiency will cost more over time. Full foam insulation is a better option to increase energy efficiency and is more durable and stable. It also is used to help protect parts of the spa from movement and is often used to stabilize the frame. 

Unfortunately, full foam insulation comes with its challenges. When the hot tub is in need of servicing, it can be difficult to repair parts of the spa that are incased in the foam. A simple repair to a jet body can end up being an expensive task. The technician may have to dig out the foam, leaving your back yard a mess and possibly damaging the stability of the spa. In order to return the spa back to factory standards, it may be necessary to send it back to the manufacturer to have the insulation reinstalled properly. 

American Whirlpool and Vita Spas have taken the insulation game to a new level with Northern Exposure Extreme Hot Tub Insulation. Their three-layer blanket system uses the latest technology to bring ultimate insulation properties, along with ease of access for maintenance, protection against pests, and state of the art noise reduction. 

The first layer is lined with a Copper IR Reflector that reflect radiant heat generated back into the spa. Heat is then absorbed back into the plumbing and shell of the spa recycling heat to keep energy costs down. The second layer is made of BlueMaax, an ecofriendly material made from natural fibers. It’s treated with a borate-based solution to prevent mold and mildew growth, prevent pest infestation, as well as acting as a fire retardant. The third layer is made up of 3M Thinsulate, the same materials used in winter rated clothing and acts as barrier between your spa and the outdoor elements. 

This blanket insulation not only assists in keeping the spa free of pests and energy efficient, it also makes it easy for future maintenance. The service technician simply has to peel back the blanket insulation to gain full access to all of the parts of your spa. Its one of the reasons why American Whirlpool and Vita Spa proudly states that their spas are one of the few appliance grade spas in the market. With the appliance grade guarantee, you can be assured that if work is needed on your spa, a technician can bring it back to factory standards without having to ship it back to the manufacturer. 

With these standards, it’s easy to see why the Northern Exposure blanket insulation out weighs the traditional partial and full foam varieties. When shopping for your next hot tub, consider blanket insulation to save you time, money and headaches for the longevity of your hot tub. 

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