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Vita Tunes

Healing Sounds All Around You

The right music can make a huge difference. As you lean back and lose yourself to complete tranquility, listening to calming music or sounds can help you find total revitalization.

Superior Sound


This state-of-the-art Bluetooth system puts the music at your fingertips, making it easy to listen to what you want anytime.

Crisp, Clear Sound

The crisp sound of the speakers means you can enjoy your favorite artists and playlists with complete clarity.


Our Bluetooth Music System is waterproof so you can play your music with peace of mind.


Our Bluetooth system is corrosion-resistant so you can enjoy your music for years to come.

The Benefits of Sound Therapy

Soothing Sounds to Clear Your Mind

Sound therapy is a wonderful way to fully immerse yourself in a moment. As soothing sounds fill the air, allow your mind to clear as stress and anxiety leave your mind and body.

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