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Status Indicator

Check status at a glance

The indicator light is a standard feature on 500 and 700 Series hot tubs, allowing you to check the status of your hot tub without opening the cover or app. The color changes from blue to red or flashes blue or red with corresponding error codes.

What the Indicator Lights Are Telling You

Solid Blue

All is OK. No action required, everything is working exactly as designed.

Flashing Blue

There is a non-critical message on the topside panel indicating an item needs attention, such as changing the water, setting the time, etc.

Solid Red

Do not use. See the topside panel. Check for any freezing or flow obstruction(s). Call a technician at your earliest opportunity.

Flashing Red

Do not use. Call a technician while at the topside panel and read the message to technician for guidance.

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Hot Tub

Extend the life of your hot tub by performing regular maintenance as outlined in your owner's manual.

Water chemistry is critical: Sanitize with proper chemicals and ozone for healthy water, and maintain proper PH to avoid equipment corrosion.

Drain spa regularly: Replace water ever 6-8 weeks, depending on use.

Filter maintenance: Keep clean and replace the filter as recommended.

Winterizing in cold climates: If you live in freezing temperatures, special consideration is required.

Maintain surfaces properly: Spa cabinet and acrylic shell should only be cleaned as directed.

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