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A New, Redesigned Look

Our newly redesigned topside control panels offer an even smoother and more user-friendly experience. Quickly and easily adjust the settings on your hot tub to fit exactly what your body and mind need in the moment.

Topside Control Panels


The TP402 control panel offers simple control of your spa. The backlit LCD displays the current temperature, set temperature, and operating functions.


Available on select 100 and 300 Series hot tubs, the TP500 control panel is easy to use to set your preferred temperature, filtration cycle, and lighting.


The TP600 presents a straight-forward way to control all settings of your spa. Available on select 100 and 300 Series spas, you can set the temperature, filtration cycle, and lighting.


Available on all 500 and 700 models, the SmartTouch2's touch screen display gives you complete control over all settings (from temperature and filtration to lighting and music) and works even when wet.

The Benefits of Colored Light Therapy

Let the lights guide your mood

Colored light therapy can do wonders to help your mood. Cool-toned lights promote relaxation and allow you to unwind from both mental and physical stress, while warm-toned lights promote energy.

AquaGlo allows you to select your light color and brings together multiple lit elements to increase the effectiveness of your light therapy.

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