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Relax in the light of AquaGlo

Leave behind the stresses of the world when you turn on your therapeutic AquaGlo. The lights create a calming and healing ambience so you can take a deep breath and enjoy a beautiful space.

What is included with AquaGlo

Aurora Cascades

The Aurora Cascades provide a soothing sound and visual of a steady stream of water.

Illuminated Cupholders

Illuminated cupholders add to the experience as they create an aura of light around your beverage.

Illuminated Contoured Pillows

The contoured pillows comfortably cradle your head for complete comfort.

Illuminated Controls

Diverter valves light up to allow for easier use at night.

The Benefits of Colored Light Therapy

Let the lights guide your mood

Colored light therapy can do wonders to help your mood. Cool-toned lights promote relaxation and allow you to unwind from both mental and physical stress, while warm-toned lights promote energy.

AquaGlo allows you to select your light color and brings together multiple lit elements to increase the effectiveness of your light therapy.

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