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Appliance Grade Construction

What is Appliance Grade Construction?

Appliance Grade Construction means that your hot tub is fully serviceable and can be brought back to factory specifications right in your backyard. This is just like all of your home appliances today.

A Complete Solution

Steel Sub-Structure

The steel frame provides greater structural integrity than wood, as well as superior corrosion protection. Stronger, more durable, and ideal for the environment – it’s the obvious choice for a lifetime of worry-free fun.

ABS Sealed Base

The ABS Sealed Base is an integral part of the support structure in a Vita Spa hot tub. Its one-piece construction provides a rugged foundation that seals the bottom of the spa, locking in heat and sealing out moisture.

Factory Specifications

Bringing your spa back to factory specifications means repairing it in the field to meet our required standards without it ever having to leave your property.

Benefits of a Steel Sub-Structure

Stronger Than a Wood Frame

The steel frame is 40% lighter and 250% stronger than traditional wood frames.


Whether it's rain, snow or heat, Vita Spa hot tubs are built to withstand the elements.


With a galvanized steel sub-structure, there's no worry of the frame corroding, which means a longer life for your hot tub.

Structural Integrity

The steel frame maintains its structural integrity without bending or breaking.

Won't Expand or Contract

Unlike wood, the steel frame won't expand or contract with moisture.

Inorganic Properties

The inorganic properties of the steel structure will never rot, warp, split or crack.

Lifetime Steel Structure Warranty

Our steel frame is guaranteed for life

Our steel sub-structure is covered by a lifetime warranty so you can enjoy your Vita Spa hot tub with complete peace of mind. We stand behind this reliable steel frame because we know you will experience the incredible, strong support for the entire time you own your spa.

Improving Your Experience

Motors & Pumps

The motors and pumps are isolated and insulated to keep the spa's sound levels as low as possible.

Isolation Layers

We use BlueMAAX to insulate the motors and pumps and provide efficient and quiet operation.

Operation Controls

The operation controls and heating equipment are both high-performing for the ultimate experience.

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