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You know vitality when you see it: the effervescent 75-year-old grandmother who swims two miles a day; the inspired florist whose passion for daylilies has you buying them by the dozen; the empathetic friend whose centered, calm demeanor seems to radiate inner peace. People with vitality overflow with that special something, and they stand out from the rest like shiny pennies.

All of which leads one to wonder: Why do some people have more vitality than others?

Since vitality is often broadcast via physical traits – sparkling eyes, radiant skin, an energetic attitude – it’s tempting to chalk it all up to good health. But there’s more to vitality than robust physiology. Not all clinically healthy and ostensibly fit people seem particularly vital, after all. And some physically frail individuals still manage to emanate an extraordinary life force and joie de vivre.

The Vita Spa Lifestyle

Living a healthy, balanced lifestyle is important to your overall health, and Vita Spa plays an integral role in helping you achieve harmony between your body and mind.

Experience You Can Trust

For over 30 years, Vita Spa has used innovation to create products that have provided people with the recovery their bodies and minds need.


Learn about our process and features to provide you with current and state-of-the-art products.

Learn About Our Innovations

Appliance Grade

Our spas are built to last thanks to our innovative construction and steel sub structure.

Northern Exposure

Our Northern Exposure insulation system saves energy by recycling heat back into your spa.

Clean, Clear Water

Our high-quality water treatment ensures incredibly pure, clean water for you to relax in.

Learn About Our Features


AquaGlo provides a tranquil light that calms your mind so you can lose yourself to total relaxation.

Control Panels

Vita Spa control panels are easy to use and eliminate any hassle when it comes to choosing your preferred settings.

Vita Tunes

Listen to your favorite music every time you enjoy your hot tub with our easy-to-use Vita Tunes.

Status Indicator

The status indicator is a quick, simple way of alerting you to any issues with your hot tub.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy provides many benefits, including aiding in recovery from aching muscles and joints, helping you relax and sleep better, and increasing circulation. Whatever your body needs, our jets have the massage combinations and options to help you achieve full-body rejuvenation.