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How to Shop for a Hot Tub

Congratulations! You’ve decided that adding a hot tub to your home will be beneficial to your health and happiness. You’re ready to start shopping, but where do you start? Below you’ll find a few things to consider before you begin your hot tub shopping journey.


                If you’re trying to find a tub that’s less expensive than average, you may be checking out online retailers or even considering purchasing a used tub from a private party. Though the savings may be big, you may be missing out on learning crucial information about your hot tub purchase. Not to mention the warranties that often come with new spa purchases. The right business will walk you through the entire sales process, educating you on things like proper placement in your yard, electrical requirements, spa features, and size. All to fit within your budget.

Consider finding a business with a good online reputation. Are they active in their response times? Do they have multiple 5-star reviews? Hearing from previous purchasers will give you a good idea of what the company is all about and how they treat their customers.

Another key factor is the serviceability of your tub. Locating a business that services their own tubs will erase a bunch of headaches down the road. As with all mechanical systems, your hot tub will need to be serviced down the line and will extend the life of your investment. A business that provides in-house service technicians will also back the quality of their hot tub. If they’re confident in their product, they won’t be afraid to service it when necessary.


                Whether your tub will be the center of attraction in your backyard, or just a little add on. Finding the right space to place your hot tub will help you enjoy it more when its installed. What can your hot tub be placed on? A filled hot tub often weighs 4000 lbs. and more. To prevent warping or shell damage, equal distribution of weight is essential. It will also ensure that your tub drains properly when needed.

A spa pad is a manufactured hot tub foundation built specifically for use with your hot tub. It is made to withstand the elements as well as handle the weight load of a fully loaded tub.

A concrete pad or pavers makes for an excellent base. They should be no less than 4 inches thick and completely level. Hiring a professional is typically the easiest to ensure the structural integrity of the pad. It’s typically recommended to wait at least 28 days for the concrete to properly cure before placing your tub.

Many folks want their tubs placed right on their decks. Decks are a great place to place your hot tub. Its closer to your home making it convenient to get in and out of. If your deck was installed by a professional, it should already be level. If you are considering the elegant look of a recessed hot tub, make sure that technicians still have access to all four sides of the cabinet for future service calls.



110v hot tubs make startup a breeze. Known as “plug and play” models, the tubs are just that, plug in your power supply into an outlet and you’re ready to go! Without the hard wires, plug and play hot tubs are easy to move if needed, though running on 110v limits some of the function of the tub. You may only be able to run the heater while the pumps are on low. 110v models also only heat at approximately 2 degrees per hour, lengthening the amount of energy output needed to heat the tub.


240V hot tubs will allow you to get the most out of your hot tub. Running at a higher voltage will allow you to run your pumps on high while the heater is on. The heater itself will run more efficiently at approximately 7 degrees per hour. Though it may cost you more to heat up your tub initially, maintaining the ideal temperature will be more cost effective. 240v hot tubs typically have higher jet pressure and multiple pumps. They do need to be wired by a licensed electrician, so while it may cost you more to set up, you will end up saving on those electric bills overtime.


And that’s just the beginning! Now you’re ready to explore different brands, features, and budgets of hot tubs. Remember, finding a business that will help you with not just selection of your tub, but also the process of planning should make your shopping experience exciting, and not at all stressful.

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